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Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech's talks elegantly unfold the vast potential of Generative AI, illustrating its transformative effects in various domains. As a visionary social tech entrepreneur, Shiran skillfully uses these advanced technologies, building strategic alliances with prominent international organizations. These collaborations give rise to initiatives that masterfully blend creativity, cutting-edge technology, and a deep sense of humanity.

The 'Listen to My Voice' campaign, created in partnership with Meta, D-ID, DIBOOR, the Michal Sela Forum, and the Israeli Federation of Local Authorities, is an AI-driven endeavor that resurrected the voices of five women who tragically fell victim to domestic violence. This campaign became a beacon for attention, garnering 10 million views in just three days and amplifying awareness in Israel on an unprecedented level.

The 'Sophia Chat' project, realized through collaboration with UN Women and Microsoft, is an AI-enhanced, animated chatbot developed by SpringACT and animated by D-ID's Generative AI technology. This tool offers human-like online support for victims of domestic violence worldwide, leading to a significant surge in traffic and extending its reach to more survivors.

The 'Missing People' initiative was developed in cooperation with the Missing People organization, Engine Creative, and D-ID. This initiative revolutionized traditional missing persons posters by using AI to animate the faces of missing children. This significant redesign resulted in a staggering increase in public and authorities' attention to these heart-wrenching cases.

In collaboration with the 'March of the Living' foundation, Generative AI for Good team brought to life the heroic stories of ten Holocaust figures. This project used the compelling medium of AI to engage millions of viewers globally, demonstrating the profound educational potential of this technology.

The 'Travel Log' project, an educational app developed in collaboration with The Meorer and Code for Israel, employs D-ID's Generative AI to help students connect more deeply with the narratives of Jewish Holocaust heroes and victims, ensuring these vital stories would never be forgotten.

Lastly, the 'Dedicating Independence' campaign was designed to honor Israel's democratic and diverse identity. This rapidly viral campaign resonated with hundreds of thousands of viewers, showcasing the unique power of AI to touch hearts and minds.


As Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech invites audiences to explore the uncharted territories of Generative AI, she emphasizes the importance of harnessing this technology responsibly, uniting collective efforts to catalyze positive global transformation.

The superpowers of Generative AI can, and will, make a difference.

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