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March of the Living

AI revives Holocaust fighters, women and men, to tell their stories to educate world leaders and future generations.

2023, April, Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)


Marking the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising's 80th anniversary, this project virtually revives Jewish fighters, highlighting the female perspective, allowing them to narrate their own stories. As Holocaust survivor numbers dwindle, it enlightens global audiences, particularly the youth, about their bravery and sacrifices.

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We used generative AI to create animations of 10 Holocaust fighters. We pulled them straight from the pages of history, giving them a voice to tell their stories. We paired the animations with scripts based on the heroes' real words from their own letters and testimonies, and we provided voiceovers by top Israeli artists

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The Impact



Holocaust fighters revived


Global Exposure Live broadcast

(AP, AFP, and Reuters)


The project was showcased

to participants in the march,

which included world leaders and thousands of teenagers

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