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Dedicating Independence:

AI-powered project stimulating unity and democratic dialogue in Israel.

APRIL 2023


This project harnesses the power of AI to promote unity and democracy in Israel. It provides an innovative platform for Israelis to reflect on and express their unique blend of Jewish and democratic identities in a meaningful and engaging way.

We used the AI technology to create a captivating video featuring animated participants, bringing their stories to life. Additionally, we developed a website which serves as a space for individuals to share their personal narratives of independence, fostering a sense of communal connection and democratic participation.

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The Impact


500K - 1M VIEWS


Shared by notable figures - such as the former government official, Mr. Naftali Bennett, influencers, and celebrities.  Showcased at the central gathering - on Independence Day eve, which was the main event highlighting democracy. Sparked dialogues around unity, diversity, and equality

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 Collaborated with renowned director Yonatan Dekel and private sector sponsors

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