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 Educating through AI: Resurrecting Holocaust heroes stories for a deeply engaging and personalized historical journey

2023, April, Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)


An educational app that helps students connect more deeply with the stories of the Jewish heroes and survivors of the Holocaust.

An innovative application to enhance youth trips to commemorate the Holocaust in Poland, developed by Code for Israel and the Meorer organizations.

This app, equipped with tools for optimal Holocaust memorial trip management in Poland and Israel, utilizes D-ID's Creative Reality™ Studio technology. The use of the animation component created incredible involvement, which encouraged the students to open books, look for testimonies, choose stories of survivors and murdered, and quote them in their own voice, through animation. 

This use of AI technology breathes new life into historical education, ensuring the Holocaust's poignant lessons resonate deeply with the younger generation.

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The Impact

Enhancing learning 

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the younger generation



emotional connections

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