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Girl in Time

 Through AI-driven time travel, "Girl in Time" showcases heartfelt dialogues between diverse young girls and inspirational Israeli women, emphasizing empathy and solidarity to inspire them.

2024, International Women's Day


"Girl in Time" is a national campaign that leverages AI to bridge past and present, enabling meaningful conversations between young girls from different backgrounds and earlier generations of successful women in various domains such as High-tech, Industry, Media, Sports, Education, Military, Art, and more. This innovative initiative promotes diversity and empathy, empowering a new generation to become inspirational leaders and achieve their dreams.

In this project, we creatively utilized generative AI to create an AI-driven time bridge, allowing eight promising young girls to engage in virtual conversations with the youthful avatars of eight successful women. We generated teen images of these figures and cloned their voices, then animated the AI images together with the voice clones.

This pioneering application of AI not only facilitated these inspiring exchanges but also fostered a deep sense of empathy and resemblance between the participants. It vividly illustrated the power of their potential futures, rooted in the achievements and lessons of those who paved the way, who were once teenagers just like them.

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The Impact



The campaign partnered with 30 local municipalities to extend its reach and engage community leaders, including mayors, generating over 500,000 impressions across social media, TV, and other platforms. A high-profile launch event featured municipal leaders and mayors, enhancing local involvement and pride. This collaboration effectively delivered empowering messages to a broad audience, ensuring significant visibility and community-based participation.



"Girl in Time" promoted inclusivity by featuring girls from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This strategy empowered participants, bridged divides, and promoted social cohesion and equal opportunity, inspiring young women to expand their horizons.



By using AI to animate successful historical figures, the campaign connected past achievements with modern challenges, making the gender gap both relatable and surmountable. It illustrated that perseverance can overcome gender obstacles, motivating young women to pursue leadership and fostering resilience and self-belief.

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The project was positively covered in local  press

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